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  • Slimming & Shaping

     Outer appearances are usually the first impression one gives to other people. Naturally, because of this fact, most people want to physically look good and presentable. Besides wanting to look good physically, internally however, being obese has more cons than pros. Obesity is one of the root cause of diabetics, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gout, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, stroke and some cancers.

    Slimming & Shaping can aid in promoting your overall health and enhance your self-confidence in front of others. Creating that one step further into having the perfect life you've always wanted. 

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  • Health Management

    "A better life start from a better health"," The first wealth is Health".

    Health management is a process of comprehensively analyzing and monitoring the risk factors of a human being. It allows us to refrain from diseases and maintain or enhance our physical and mental health.
    An investment in health management is far less than that in treating diseases. Therefore, medical expenditure can be reduced drastically. Research has proved that by spending $1 on preventing diseases, one can cut off $10 on treating diseases or $100 on rescuing lives.

    TCM methodology in health preservation is equivalent to health management. We do this by differentiating constitutions (body type) and personalized, individualized treatment for our customers.

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Exclusive FREE first treatment for Pioneer Generation.

Pioneer Generation

Experience our latest effective Rheumatic Pain Treatment including Chinese Herb Soaking Therapy, Medicinal Cupping Therapy, Acupoint Applying Therapy.

$60 per treatment session or $450 for ten treatment sessions.

Terms and conditions applied.

Call us at 6345 5331 to find out more.