About Us

Nobel Wellness Sanctuary

Nobel Wellness Sanctuary has its roots dated back 5 years ago when Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall first provided acupuncture slimming services to another firm as a joint-venture. Due to its effectiveness in the slimming program, it soon was well received by the customers in terms of losing the weight as well as health benefits linked to acupuncture. It was a very rewarding clinical experience.

In year 2011, due to restructuring of the firm and its company's directors, this turn of events led to Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall taking over the reins, overseeing the management of the center and retaining its existing staff. The center was now called Nobel Wellness Sanctuary and it consists of medical professors, medical doctorates, clinical experts and a well trained team of highly professional experience healthcare consultants and service staff. Nobel Wellness Sanctuary focuses mainly in health and weight management.

We use the vast experiences and resources that we possess and developed our very own safe and highly effective products with the help from local GMP pharmaceutical standards. All our products are originated from natural plants. They are processed and produced right here in Singapore.

In order to gain a better insight of our customer's health and body constitutions, our Professor and medical team used a questionnaire based on the survey of constitutions in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) from China and improved it to develop our very own and first of its kind in Singapore, the [Advance Body Classifier™」. With the use of technology and the internet, we are able to provide our customers a comprehensive detailed profile of their body constitution. With the results from the [Advance Body Classifier ™」, we are able to tailor a specific health management advice and plans for every individual.

Nobel Wellness Sanctuary strongly holds the belief that when a company develops thru innovation; it has to change for the better. This is the same belief that we hold while providing our services to our customers. By using our sincerity to earn the trust and faith from our customers, we have revamped the sanctuary to allow our customers to enjoy the cozy ambience while going through with our slimming program. Most importantly, we seek to give our customers the best gift of all, to increase their self-value and self-confidence in life while at the same time, enjoying the benefits of being healthy.

In order for us to enjoy and maintain good health, all these have to start right now from our very basic daily lifestyle and habits.

Our Vision

To be a dynamic and advance TCM healthcare company effective in providing our customers quality products and services.

Our Mission

Nobel Wellness Sanctuary is an 'East-Meets-West' modern Chinese medical organization. We aim to promote TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) preventive health care and encourage people to live healthily in every aspect of their life by using educational guidance and advice to improve one’s knowledge on preserving life. We aim to prevent illnesses or to prevent illness from getting from bad to worst when one is sick.

Being a modern Chinese medical organization, we aim to use layman terms with regards to TCM methods and ideology to share with people our TCM knowledge so as to make it more understandable to people from all walks of life.

By using our past and present clinical physician's experiences, combined with modern scientific research, we develop and create healthcare products made solely with TCM herbs that are effective and convenient for consumption. Through all these, we aspire to contribute to the healthcare of all in the society.


  • "I never did believe in slimming centers but hubby told me to try out Nobel as they use TCM herbs n methods for slimming. After 2 months, I've lost all my post preggy weight of 6kg n have been receiving so many compliments on my figures from relatives and friends! Never thought I'll say this but Nobel has made a believer out of me!! Thank you for helping me regains my confidence in life."

  • "Kudos to the team at Nobel Wellness Sanctuary, from caring consultants to a very skillful Dr Lim, my slimming experience has been a breeze. Highly recommended!"

  • "The warm & friendly staff contributes to the appealing ambience of Nobel. With smiles on each of their faces, my 2yr old son fel at home almost immediately & I could have my acupuncture without any worries. The acupuncture session was painless & relaxing."