About Us

  • Nobel Wellness Sanctuary

    Nobel Wellness Sanctuary has its root dated back in 2007 when Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall co-operated with LFI Group (Singapore) in acupuncture slimming services. This joint-venture was responded with overwhelming results. Nearly 10,000 customers succeeded in losing weight and reshaping their body. In 2011, with the LFI Group (Singapore) restructuring, Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall took over the reins of this joint-venture.

    To reinforce our leading advantage and to expand our boundaries in slimming & health care, Ong Fujian set up several new standards in the following aspects:
    (1) Established our own premises;

    (2) Recruited experienced staff from Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall and LFI Group (Singapore) and formed and elite team of medical professors, medical doctorates, clinical experts and well-trained consultants;

    (3) Introduced the award-winning program “Classification of Constitutions and Health Management” from China as a complementary valuable service to our signature acupuncture slimming & shaping program, which allowed us to gain further momentum.

    (4) Co-operated with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine to exclusively develop our very own Singapore-grown Phyto series healthcare products, which have gone through strict testing and are certified by Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

    In May 2011, Nobel Wellness Sanctuary was officially launched. 

    Nobel Wellness Sanctuary is based on the belief of using our sincerity to gain our customer's trust and our dedication to earn recognition with our customers. We greatly emphasize that our customers’ needs are crucial and the center of our services and products. We do our best to create a cozy ambience in our outlet as well as provide well-designed personalized service packages and products. Our main goal is to allow every customer to experience the joys of success, feel the positive impacts of a good health and enjoy the benefits of higher self-esteem.

    Our Vision

    Healthy life, Beautiful life!

    Our Mission

    Make your life more brilliant and meaningful by providing top-notch slimming & healthcare services and products

    Our Core Values

    Integrity Caring Innovation Perfection